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What did Jesus Do?

By July 18, 2014Church News

Last week we talked about who Jesus is. That’s a loaded question for many people. To answer that question, we see the three offices God called men into to lead the people of Israel (prophet, priest, and king) and in the New Testament, it is made clear that at once, Jesus fulfills all three. Last week we looked at how the prophets spoke for God and how God promised to give His people another king in the line of David. Jesus Christ fulfills both of those roles. As the most complete revelation of God we will know on this earth He is our Prophet. As the One God gives dominion over all things to, He is our King. We concluded by saying that now Jesus sits at God’s right hand, serving as our Priest, so that we can confidently approach the throne of God, seeking His grace. This week, we will proclaim how and why Jesus is worthy to fulfill all three of these offices because of His great work on the cross.


If many people find the question of who Jesus is controversial, consider the reactions to the question: What did Jesus do? That’s where we are going this week. Though an instrument of horrific death for Jesus, the cross represents freedom and victory for those who trust in Christ. As Jesus hung on that bloodstained beam the wrath of God was poured out on Him instead of you and me. As Jesus blood, the blood that stained the cross, was shed, your sins and mine were removed from us and placed upon Him. Unless we repent of our sin and place our faith in Jesus, we still bear the weight of sin and the punishment of death. Many people find that reality controversial, but they shouldn’t because it only creates controversy when it is misunderstood. The good news of the substitutionary death of Jesus does not discriminate, it is not exclusionary, and, because of the grace of God, it brings great hope. Through the cross of Christ, we may go free. So, in the end, the only controversy exists within each person. Will you deny your innate desire to try and save yourself or will you trust in Jesus to justify you?


God has blessed this series of messages on these short questions thus far this summer and we have every reason to believe He will continue to do so. Our recent corporate worship services have been great gatherings to glorify God and spend time together. Make it a priority to be in church this Sunday. I know you will feel as though you invested your time wisely. This week is also a great week to bring a friend who does not know Christ. The work of Christ on the cross will be laid out clearly and the call to trust Him given to everyone present. Pray about who God may be calling you to invite. See you Sunday.


For the sake of His name,

Pastor Adam

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