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Theology Class: Bible Doctrine

The Course

This class is a seven-session overview of systematic theology using Wayne Grudem’s book Bible Doctrine (An abridgment of his larger volume Systematic Theology). Each session will last a little over an hour and work through different areas of theology. This class will work best for participants if they read ahead of time and come ready to engage and discuss the material each evening.

Session 1: February 1st

The Doctrine of the Word of God

Teaching Notes

Session 2: February 15th

The Doctrine of God

Teaching Notes

Session 3: March 1st

The Doctrine of Creation, Providence, and Prayer

Teaching Notes

Session 4: March 15th

The Doctrine of Man

Teaching Notes

Session 5: March 29th

The Doctrine of Christ and The Doctrine of Redemption (pt. 1)

Teaching Notes

Session 6: April 12th

The Doctrine of Redemption (pt. 2) and The Doctrine of the Church

Teaching Notes

Session 7: May 17th

The Doctrine of Eschatology

Teaching Notes