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A Worship Guide For Holy Week

This Sunday Holy Week Worship Guides will be available to pick up in the lobby.

This guide has been created to help direct our worship for the days leading up to Easter, when we celebrate the victorious resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.

By the end of this guide we will have read through Romans in its entirety, prayed along with the Puritans, seen the continuity of God’s word between the Old and New Testament, and sung hymns of praise to God.

Romans was chosen because it is an excellent summation of God’s redemptive work. Within just sixteen short chapters Paul explains our hopeless sinful condition before a righteous God, Christ’s perfect substitutionary atoning death, and the joyful life made possible through the Spirit working in those who have been adopted by God.

Each day of the guide is broken into three sections: Morning, Midday, and Evening.

In the morning there is a call to worship to help orient our hearts and minds. This is followed by a reading from Romans.

At the midday point a Psalm has been selected from the Common Book of Prayer, along with a Puritan prayer taken from the book The Valley of Vision.

In the evening there is a short reading from Romans and a corresponding reading from the Old Testament. This is followed with a Puritan prayer.

Each day ends with a hymn that praises God for his work of salvation through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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