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Long Answers to Short Questions

By June 20, 2014Church News

Words matter. This is never truer than the words we choose to talk about who God is, the truths revealed in the Bible, and how we are to live in response. For this reason, we are going to invest much of our corporate worship time this summer in defining, understanding, and taking joy in the foundational beliefs of Christianity. By spending 10 weeks considering questions about God, the Bible, the work of Jesus, and the future we will strengthen our own faith while deepening our desire to share truth with others.


Each of these 10 messages will be based on the articles of the Evangelical Free Church’s (our denomination) updated statement of faith, ratified in 2008. The statement was crafted to reflect the biblical grounding of the EFCA, while making it more accessible for the modern day. This sermon series will also serve as an educational tool to prepare the congregation for the possibility of adopting the updated statement of faith as our own. We are currently united under the previous version. At the September Members’ Meeting, the elder council plans to begin that process.


We are calling these sermons Long Answers to Short Questions: Sermons on Basic Christian Beliefs. That series title is a (tongue-in-cheek) reference to the priority we place on preaching the Bible. The individual messages will begin with basic, succinct questions that we will carefully answer over the course of 40-45 minutes. This Sunday we begin with the question, “Who is God?” Three simple words, but perhaps the biggest question a person can ask. These messages will be helpful for you now and important for the future of our church. I hope you will make it a priority to be in church for them.


For the sake of His name,

Pastor Adam

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