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The Returning King

By November 15, 2013Church News

Dear church,

If you are a follower of Jesus, perhaps the biggest question you can ask is: How should I live as I await the return of Jesus? For now, the defining mark of history is the birth of the Messiah, but a more decisive day is coming. At some point in the future, it may be moments away or not for many years, Jesus will return. When He fully ushers in His Kingdom, He will richly reward those who have trusted in Him, but He will also punish those who have not. This punishment is well deserved because of disobedience and sin. It is the reward that we do not deserve. While the Gospel is so much more than this future reward, the whole idea of blessing in return for sin is at its heart.

In helping us to understand the proper response to this free gift of grace and the many blessings from God, Jesus calls us to live in such a way that we display His glory and spread a passion for Him. This way of life impacts every area of our lives. We are to take what we have been entrusted with and leverage it for spiritual returns. This means we are to approach our friendships as intentional relationships to witness to the love and mercy of God. Our jobs are not just places to go, but they are opportunities to use the talents God has given us, provide for those we care about, and tap-into God’s heart as one who works. Each of us makes financial decisions. These are chances to invest the money we are given in areas that will produce a spiritual return, while consistently mirroring God’s generous heart.

This Sunday, as we read Luke 19:11-27, we will talk about how and when we live. Specifically, the fact that we have witnessed the coming of the Messiah, but we still await His Second Coming. He is the King and He is returning, what should we do in the meantime? I think it will be a very practical day for us all. While Luke 19:11-27 is a hopeful parable for many, it is a direct warning for others. Jesus will return and all people will account for their thoughts and actions. Those who do not know Jesus will be judged fairly, those who have placed their faith in Him and repented of their sin will be shown mercy. Pray about inviting a person or family you know who needs to hear of the mercy of God through Jesus. I look forward to singing, praying, and preaching about it together!

For the sake of His name,
Pastor Adam

Adam Fix

Adam has a passion for preaching God’s Word and seeing people come to know the joy of life with Jesus. Nothing excites Him more than pursuing the glory of God. He is originally from Minnesota, but received his Master of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary in Colorado. Adam enjoys reading, sports, movies, and spending time with his family. He and his wife, Holly, have two daughters.

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