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Groups that Encourage You to Be Salt and Light

By September 6, 2013Church News

Dear church,


This Sunday will be important in the life of our church family as we cast vision for the future and orient ourselves around the Biblical pattern for growing as disciples of Jesus. We began this work last Sunday morning when we looked at what it means to be salt and light in the world. We said that God has called us to work as agents of reconciliation in the world by preaching the Gospel and remaining steadfast in it. Coupled with that, we are to live in such a way that others notice us and, through our testimony, turn in worship to God. Jesus compares this kind of work and witness to a city on a hill, because the brightness of its light will stand out against the darkness it is surrounded by. Therefore, we are to be a kind of alternate city or a spiritual city within the physical city we inhabit. We are surrounded by darkness, but God has given us the joy of shining light into that darkness.


The call to be salt and light in the world is not easy. It does not come naturally to us and it will be filled with challenges. In order to strengthen and encourage us for this mission, God has given us the Church. The Church is filled with other Christians struggling to do the same things we are; preach the Gospel, make disciples, and support one another. Within the context of the larger Church, the Bible’s prescription for undergirding this mission is to make sure Christians are not isolated in this pursuit. Thus, it calls all Christ-followers to band together with other disciples of Jesus to pursue Him and reach the world together. We band together in groups.


We covered these truths last Sunday morning. This week, we begin to build out a revamped and reconfigured groups structure, designed to encourage us in Christian growth and equip each of us to be salt and light in the world. While I do not want to reveal everything now, I will tell you that this reorientation combines much of what has been taking place in many of our groups with some entirely new elements that are exciting for us as a church family and important for our shared discipleship of Jesus moving forward. I hope you will make every effort to be there this Sunday morning. It will be an enthusiastic morning, filled with vision for the future and hope in Jesus Christ. If you have a friend you have been thinking of inviting to church, but haven’t been sure when the right time would be, this Sunday is that time! It will be a great day to introduce people to the Gospel and help them experience the love of the Our Saviour church family.


For the sake of His name,

Pastor Adam

Adam Fix

Adam has a passion for preaching God’s Word and seeing people come to know the joy of life with Jesus. Nothing excites Him more than pursuing the glory of God. He is originally from Minnesota, but received his Master of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary in Colorado. Adam enjoys reading, sports, movies, and spending time with his family. He and his wife, Holly, have two daughters.

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