Equipped is a 13-week sermon series built on one prevailing premise: anyone can know more of God through reading their Bible. If you do not read the Bible often and have never seriously studied it, this series will introduce you to the big story of the Bible, show you how it all connects to the death and resurrection of Jesus, and give you basic tools to study the Bible on your own. For people who have years of Bible study background, this study will challenge you to dig into the Scriptures for greater insights, theological depth, and practical application.




God Creates Everything

Genesis 1-2

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God Saves From Failure

Genesis 3

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God Makes a Covenant

Genesis 15

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God Rescues His People

Exodus 3

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God Anoints a King

1 Samuel 16

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God Teaches Worshipers

Psalm 36

God Promises a Better Way

Jeremiah 30-31

God Becomes a Man

Matthew 1-2; Luke 1

God Grants New Birth

John 3

God Defeats Death

Luke 23:32-49

God Spreads Hope

Acts 11

God Shows a New Way

1 John 2

God Redeems Everything

Revelation 21-22

We have prepared a 13-week study guide to complement the sermons in this series. This guide includes extra content, resources for further study, questions that can be used on your own or in a group, and room for your notes. We are asking for $5 per book to help cover the cost of printing, but this is not required. Everyone who listens to the sermons will benefit from having their own book.

You can order books to be shipped, or pick up a copy on Sunday morning.