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Health and Safety Update – August 28th, 2021

By August 28, 2021Church News

Many of you have probably seen the news over the past week first with a mask mandate for Cook County. And then in recent days, with one coming from our Governor for the entire state of Illinois. I want you to know that our Elders have met, we have considered these things. Most importantly, we’ve read God’s word, and we’ve prayed both individually and together. In response to these, we are making a few key changes to the way that we operate in our church facility.

We are going to ask you to wear a mask when you’re entering and exiting the building. Based on these orders, we believe it’s consistent that you would be able to remove your mask once you’re at your seat in the sanctuary or seated at a table for your small group. At this time, plan to continue serving coffee and other refreshments following the worship service. And of course, you can’t drink a cup of coffee through a mask so you would be able to remove your mask, then.

Our biggest thinking in this whole decision making process was what honors the Lord God, what walks in joyful obedience to the authority of his Word, what displays love for our church family, and what communicates the grace and the glory of God to those around us. I recognize that this isn’t the decision that all of us are going to be happy with. I want you to know that even as Elders, it’s probably none of our preference to go this route. But we believe this is the best decision in the life of our church.

We’re asking you to join us in this even if you don’t like it, would you please wear your mask when you come in, you may remove it if you’re comfortable at your seat, you may leave it on while you’re seated. And then wear it as you leave the facility.

I want to thank you in advance. This has been a trying time for our church family. It’s been a trying time for a lot of people. And we have gotten through it not only by the grace of God, but by trusting one another showing love for one another asking God what it looks like to walk in Christian faithfulness together through this. And I believe if we do those things, again, we will come through this as a stronger church more dedicated to loving each other and more dedicated to spreading the joy that can be had by everybody in Jesus Christ. If you have any questions about this, I’d invite you to reach out to me.

As always, these things are subject to change based on updated guidance based on changes to what we’re hearing. We will keep communicating with you as often as we need to. I’ll look forward to seeing you this Sunday as we talk about continuing to be a Gospel People.



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