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An Invitation to Prayer

By June 1, 2021June 3rd, 2021Church News, Prayer

This month we are focusing on prayer in several different ways.

First, we are beginning a three-week sermon series on the topic of prayer. Our hope for this time is to grow in our understanding of why God has given us the gift of prayer, and what his purpose is in it. Make sure to plan and be there for each of these messages as we look at several facets of prayer together!

Second, we are inviting the entire congregation to spend the month of June praying for our neighborhoods and community. We’ll keep track of which neighborhoods people have prayed in with the goal of covering all the communities around our church.

Third, we are asking that groups would consider adding some time in their meetings this month to devout to prayer. If your group isn’t currently meeting consider scheduling a meeting dedicated to praying together. This is a great time to pray for one another, our church, our neighbors, and whatever else God puts on your heart.

We’ve put together a simple guide that provides a few prayer-prompts for groups to use, and for you to use during your prayer walks this month. Make sure to grab a printed copy from the lobby or download a digital copy below.

Prayer Guide
Tim Schieck

Tim serves Our Saviour as Assistant Pastor. He loves to dig deep into God’s Word and see it transform people. Tim graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Master's of Divinity. He and his wife Anna love to drink coffee and take their dog on walks.

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