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For the second week of November Prayer our theme turn to friends and family members. Each week we pray several different kinds of prayer: lament, praise, confession, thanksgiving, supplication, and prayer through a passage of scripture. Each of these prayers is modeled throughout the Bible (Each of them can be found in the Psalms) and demonstrate the various ways that we can talk to God in our prayer lives. As we pray about friends and family this week these categories help us identify how we can be praying. Lamenting broken relationships, thanking God for the support of our family, and asking for him to save those who are not trusting in Christ.

Tim Schieck

Tim serves Our Saviour as Assistant Pastor. He loves to dig deep into God’s Word and see it transform people. Tim graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Master's of Divinity. He and his wife Anna love to drink coffee and take their dog on walks.

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