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Biblical Peacemaking

By March 25, 2018Sermon

At home, around the neighborhood, in the workplace, and even among the church, we will regularly encounter conflict. Conflict is inevitable, but it is also an opportunity to glorify God, bless other people, and deepen relationships. Unfortunately, it’s an opportunity we may rarely seize and one we likely feel unprepared for.

Beginning February 11, join us for a new sermon series called Biblical Peacemaking: Relationships That Reflect the Gospel. We will talk about how the good news of Jesus prepares us to recognize the roots of conflict and releases us to grow as followers of Jesus in the midst of it. This series will help couples, friends, co-workers, and our church family reflect the heart of God by learning to work through conflict biblically.

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Peace with People
Where Conflict Comes From

The Critical Spirit and the Cross
Intentional Grace: The Gift of Church Discipline

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