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Beautiful Reconciliation

By May 17, 2017Church News

Last year, my dad passed away, on August 6th. Even though that was a hard moment it was a blessed moment too. The reason that it was a blessing, was because God made a miracle.

Before he passed away I was talking on the phone with my younger sister, Hilda, in that moment my sister was crying. She didn’t know what she needed to do, so I told her “Hilda, give the phone to my dad. Put the phone in his ear.” So my sister put the phone in my dad’s ear and I told my dad, “Daddy, you know that I love you and I love you so much. But remember God loves you more, God loves you more than me, and he give his life for you.” At that moment my sister started to read John 11, chapter 11 verses 25 and 26. It says, Jesus’ says “I am the resurrection and the life he who believes with life even though he dies and whoever lives and believes in Me will never die.’ Do you believe this?”

In that moment my dad, even though he was tired, he put aside all his hesitation and looked at my sister and said, “Lord, I believe you”. He repeated and repeated it. “Señor creo Señor creo”, Lord I believe you, Lord I believe you. After a few moments he was sleeping again. I told my sister, “you see I told you, my daddy is saved. Don’t be worried, don’t be worried. My dad is in God’s hands. He believes in Jesus. It’s the only thing he needed to do in this world. So, Hilda put all your trust in Jesus too.” And she wasn’t pleased.
After that my dad passed away. And I explained to my family: “He responded, my dad responded. ‘Señor creo, Señor creo!’ Lord, I believe I believe. For that reason, we see my dad’s body here, but he is not here! I told everybody he’s not here! He is with God. We want to put his body in the earth, but his soul is with Jesus. That is what the Bible says, so don’t be worried about him, because he is a believer. I looked at everybody and they said nothing. No one said anything. I started to worship God with a couple songs to Psalms, like Psalm 23, like that. I was singing when we put his body inside, and I don’t see anybody. But a miracle was happening around me. Everybody was hugging and there were tears. Everybody was saying forgive. Around me everybody was trying to say forgive, forgive, forgive. Our relationships that were broken… in that moment there was unity. Reconciliation was in my Dad’s family it was beautiful. It was so beautiful.

Tim Schieck

Tim serves Our Saviour as Assistant Pastor. He loves to dig deep into God’s Word and see it transform people. Tim graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Master's of Divinity. He and his wife Anna love to drink coffee and take their dog on walks.

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