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Redemption Unfolding – February 14th

By February 12, 2016Church News

This Sunday we begin an important series of messages through the entire Bible. As we each take up the challenge of reading all of God’s Word over the next two years, I thought it was important to support that and encourage the church by taking what we are reading and unpacking a portion of it on Sunday morning. During much of these next two years, I will do my best to focus the preaching on either something you read the previous week or a section you will read during the upcoming week. We will also mix in a few topical series and other messages along the way.

I am excited about this undertaking because it will help us to see the grand narrative of Scripture and how the Bible points to the greatness of God. Though humans are important characters, it is really about Him. We will see His providential plan of redemption, His mercy toward the humble, and His love for the people He creates. The Bible is the story of our loving God, who is faithful, gracious, and true. Through its pages we learn of His heart and character. He is a God slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. We are titling the series Redemption Unfolding: The Story of God from Genesis to Revelation.

Since we started the two-year reading program a couple of weeks ago, I will need to do a little bit of catch-up over the first couple weeks of the series to lay the groundwork going forward. This Sunday, after a swift fly-over of the first few chapters of Genesis, we will focus on the flood (Genesis 6:5-9:17). It is a narrative of God’s deliverance from punishment. This will be a great week to invite a friend who does not know Jesus. Let’s keep reaching toward our neighbors with the hope of Christ. See you Sunday.

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