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October 18th

By October 16, 2015Church News

This Sunday is one over three years in the making for our church. In February of 2012, we began praying and planning to be a church that plants churches. Sunday, you will meet some of our first church planting residents. These men are in an eight-month preparation program with the goal of planting churches in September, 2016. Please be in church to meet them, hear their vision, and take part in this exciting work of God. These men, along with their families, will be a part of the lunch following the service. Please plan to attend the lunch as well. All food is provided, courtesy of the mission commission.

They will join us for our annual Missions Emphasis Sunday. We call it Missions Emphasis because we are committed to spreading the Gospel around the world every day of the year, but we reserve this Sunday for a special celebration of all God is doing as we recommit ourselves to this central calling of the Church. Part of Missions Emphasis Sunday is us joining together, pledging to financially support our partners in the Gospel for another year. At Our Saviour, we maintain a separate fund for the ministry of our local church (General Fund) and another fund to support missionaries around the world. Both works are important. Please prayerfully consider how you will fully support the General Fund and give sacrificially to the Mission Fund. As you review the proposed missions budget—attached to this message as part of the Worship Bulletin—I want to draw your attention to one addition. I also want to commend our mission commission members on their great work in putting together this proposal.

One key addition to our missions’ budget is Matt and Natalie Mills, members of our church. They left for the mission field just a few months ago. Though they were not part of our budget to begin the year, God provided the means to begin supporting them mid-year and we are pleased to continue their support. Please take the time to pray for them and each of these missionaries and to pray about your commitment to this important work in the coming year. I look forward to celebrating God’s grace, the truth of the Gospel, and hearing vision for new churches this Sunday morning.

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