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Jonah 2

By June 13, 2015Church News

Dear church,

Many of the most valuable chapters of Scripture give us windows into the hearts of God-fearing men and women who have gone before us. These help us to normalize our own experiences and emotions and, where appropriate, learn from their successes and failures. Jonah 2 is such a chapter. God takes Jonah into a great fish, but much like the storm in chapter one is not sent as a punishment, but an intervention, so is the fish given to Jonah as a sanctuary for worship and communion with God. He doesn’t say all he needs to say, but he does begin again to cry out to God and hear from Him.

After Jonah’s rebellion, he must be restored. God graciously begins that work in the bowels of a fish. Do not miss the forest for the trees in Jonah 2. The sensationalism of the fish might cause you to miss the real miracle: God saves a rebellious man. God is by no means done with Jonah, but we learn that Jonah is not done with God. This chapter shows us what it looks like to turn from sin and pursue God. I hope you will be in church to hear the preaching of God’s Word and celebrate the good news of Jesus. Following the service, we will stay together for God-glorifying fellowship. See you Sunday!


For the sake of His name,

Pastor Adam


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