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Standing Firm on the Gospel

By September 26, 2014Church News

How often are you in situations where what you believe or, more importantly, what is true is disregarded and you are left to wonder how you should react or whether or not you should say something? Jesus warned us that the world will be hostile to His followers and Paul regularly reminds us that people will distort the Gospel. Though it is inclusive, freeing, and life-giving, the Gospel will appear offensive to many and its implications will be confusing, even for those who profess to love Christ. These are the circumstances that Paul is responding to and dealing with in Galatians 2:1-10.


Through his explanation of how he received and began preaching the Gospel, as well as his response to his first critics, we are shown that the right combination of conviction and humility produces fertile ground for the spread of the Gospel. That begins with the stalwart belief that the Gospel must be preserved at any cost. When we are sure of that, we can discern where and how God is calling us to serve Him. Paul is unwavering in his commitment to the unadjusted Gospel. However, he also acknowledges that his call is to preach to men and women without religious backgrounds. Therefore his ministry and tactics may differ from the other Apostles, mostly called to minister to the Jewish people. They may reach compromises in their methods, without compromising their principles.


What about you? How are you called to stand your ground with conviction and humility in the face of opposition at work or amongst your family? When is the right time to speak and the right time to listen? What about us? How will Our Saviour Church preserve the truth of the Gospel entrusted to us, while humbly asking, “What is the most effective way to spread that Gospel?” These are the questions we will ask together this coming Sunday morning. The Apostle Paul’s testimony recorded in Galatians 2:1-10 has much to teach us on the subjects of guarding the Gospel, loving truth, and being willing to go to every length possible so that men and women might hear the good news of Jesus Christ and be saved. I am looking forward to the morning. I hope you are too. Make it a priority to be in church and consider inviting someone who does not have a church home.


For the sake of His name,
Pastor Adam

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