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Hearing a Word from God

By June 27, 2014Church News

Everybody wants to hear from God. We want to know what pleases Him and what our future holds. We want to know His will for our lives. What if I told you, not only can we know these things, but also that God has made them readily to us? Would you believe me? You should. He has given us that and so much more in the Bible.


Primarily, the Bible is a revelation of who God is and what He is like. It begins with how He created the universe and why He gives life to humanity. Throughout the pages of Scripture, God is shown to be holy, just, loving, and gracious. He made all that exists to share His love and invite others to know the joy of glorifying Him. In order to accomplish both of those purposes simultaneously, He sacrificed Himself for the people He created despite our rejection and denial of Him. Now, He is calling people from every place around the world and from every nationality to know the joy of life with Him forever. The overarching narrative of the Bible is the revelation of a holy, loving God sovereignly, faithfully redeeming His creation.


In the midst of that grand story, God is gracious to reveal many details about His character and His plan for us. He is also clear to reveal His will for all people; namely, that we would live for His glory. The Bible is a source of wisdom, guidance, power, joy, judgment, peace, hope, and great detail of what it means to fear the Lord.


This Sunday, we will consider the question: What is the Bible? From the Book itself, as well as the historic, orthodox teaching of the Church, we will seek to understand this precious revelation of God as well as consider how it is rightly understood and applied. Everything we do as a church appeals first to the Bible as our rule and measure. It is important that we think deeply about this Book and the precious gift God has given us within its pages. I hope you will make it a priority to be in corporate worship this Sunday morning. May God be glorified and our church strengthened.


For the sake of His name,

Pastor Adam

Adam Fix

Adam has a passion for preaching God’s Word and seeing people come to know the joy of life with Jesus. Nothing excites Him more than pursuing the glory of God. He is originally from Minnesota, but received his Master of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary in Colorado. Adam enjoys reading, sports, movies, and spending time with his family. He and his wife, Holly, have two daughters.

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