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Visible Proclamations of Our Union With Christ

By May 23, 2014Church News

We began the Walk series by talking about the spectacular privilege of our union with Christ as Christians. The messages from last Sunday and this coming Sunday focus on the visible proclamations of that union. The first, baptism, is a one-time event that we should participate in shortly after placing our faith in Jesus Christ. The second, the Lord’s Supper, should be taken regularly as a reminder of our new life and our hope in His Second Coming. Both baptism and the Lord’s Supper symbolize our connection with Christ and represent Him standing in our place to endure punishment and death.


Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are like a married couple’s wedding day and their anniversaries. Baptism is wrapped in God’s sovereign grace and His timely mercy. When we see a baptism, we celebrate a new union with Christ. When we celebrate communion, we remember His sustaining power and covenant faithfulness to us. Like an anniversary, the Lord’s Supper doesn’t just remember one great day in the past, it also affirms every day since the wedding day, as if to say, “The promise was wonderful then, but remains just as promising now.”


If you are a follower of Christ, but have not been baptized since repenting of your sins and placing your faith in Jesus, I encourage you to talk to me about taking that step of obedience. As I mentioned last Sunday, it took me many years to take that action and not only am I glad I did it, but I wish I would have done it sooner because I believe that, biblically, I was commanded to. This Sunday, we will talk about the Lord’s Supper. Some may call it Communion, others call it the Eucharist. No matter how you refer to it, it is a celebration of the seal of the Holy Spirit, the nourishment of life in Christ, and the covenant faithfulness of God the Father. As we will be partaking of this ordinance together this Sunday, I would encourage you to examine both your heart before God and your heart before your brothers and sisters in Christ in preparation for our corporate worship time and our communion meal. We have communion at least every month at Our Saviour. Whether you are well versed in its meaning and significance or simply take it because the elements are passed around, I think it will be beneficial for you to be in church to learn more about it and worship God through it together. Lord willing, it will be a great Sunday!


In Christ,

Pastor Adam

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