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Let’s Do it All Over Again!

By April 25, 2014Church News

Dear church,

Last Sunday was great! Our church gathered together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the hope it brings. As we began the service, I was blown away by the energy and passion of our congregational singing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that kind of volume coming from those pews before. And it carried all the way through the morning. It was truly special to be a part of. I know many of you felt the same way. The hope of Easter was evident and contagious. Many people brought friends and family members, arrived early for the breakfast, and lingered after the service to celebrate together.

In light of how special it was, may I make a wild suggestion? Let’s do it all over again this Sunday! Easter is a great day, but the truth is we celebrate the hope of the resurrection every time we are together. That’s why we gather on Sundays. What if the kind of energy and passion to magnify God and savor Jesus was as evident every Sunday in our sanctuary as it was last week on Easter? Please do not misunderstand me; I love our church. There is nowhere in the world I would rather be on a Sunday morning. I think we do an admirable job of lifting high the name of Jesus. I love to sing, pray, and preach God’s Word together. I love it so much, that my hope and dream is that our gatherings would be marked by that kind of joy each week. I also hope that we would share the Gospel and invite others to be a part of our wonderful church family with equal intensity every day.

I hope you will make it a priority to be in church this Sunday. We’re celebrating the resurrection again! One of the most remarkable truths of the Gospel is the spiritual blindness we all suffer from and the grace of God in removing that blindness and giving us sight to view His glory. We’ll be celebrating that mercy as we study Luke 24:13-43 together. I hope you will be there. The singing will be joyful, the fellowship rich, and Jesus will be made much of.

For the sake of His name,
Pastor Adam