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Holy Week for Our Saviour

By April 22, 2014Church News

Dear church,

Happy Easter! Through this letter, I want to encourage you to do three things over the next couple of days. First, remember to join us for our Good Friday service at 7pm. It will be a reflective time mostly comprised of reading Scripture and lamenting the death of Christ and our sin that drove Him to the cross together. Though it is a somber time, it is an important prelude to the joy of Easter. Second, make sure and work through the Holy Week devotions over the next three days. They have been a tremendous blessing to our family. Easter is a special time for Christians and God is glorified when we take intentional steps to prepare for this significant celebration.

The third thing I want to encourage you to do is invite a coworker, friend, or family member who has either not responded to the good news of Jesus in saving faith or who does not have a Gospel-centered church home to our church this Sunday. This is the one Sunday a year where people expect to be invited to church and are most likely to accept an invitation. It may be your invitation, the conversation it could spark, or some aspect of corporate worship that God uses to draw this person to Himself. You and our guests are invited to join us for a light, casual breakfast beginning at 9am. Our worship service will be at the usual time, 10:30am. During that time, we will sing great songs together, pray as a congregation, and hear about the hope that is ours because of Jesus’ resurrection. I look forward to proclaiming the resurrection of our Lord together this Sunday morning!

For the sake of His name,
Pastor Adam