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Pray for My Trip to India

By March 7, 2014Church News

Dear church,

I will be traveling to India for the next two weeks (March 10-24) with one of our missionaries, Saji. While there I will see the work that God is doing, teach pastors in training, preach in local fellowships, and speak at a leadership conference. This is an exciting opportunity to see the advance of the Gospel in one of the world’s most populous countries and a place very different from our own. My specific itinerary will take me to the city of Nagpur where I will speak at the leadership conference, teach pastors about biblical stewardship, and bring greetings from Our Saviour at the seminary graduation. That is the first week.

During the second week, I will travel south to a smaller town called Warangal where I will I will teach in a Bible college and preach a few more times. In all, I will be preaching/teaching 10 times in 11 days. My travels will take me a total of 14 days. I covet your prayers during this time. Below are a few specific ways you can pray.

1. Pray for fruit from the ministry. Please include other leaders who will be there as well. The annual leadership conference and seminary graduation are key times for RIMI (the organization that is hosting me).
2. Pray for endurance and strength. I will be busy almost every day preparing and laboring in teaching.
3. Pray for my family. My wife whole-heartedly supports my purpose in India, but it is a fairly long time to be apart. She and our daughter will visit her family while we are away. Please pray we are preoccupied with other things and the time passes quickly.
4. Pray for the travel, acclimation, and physical wellbeing. I do not like long flights (who does!), the possibility of illness from food or water, and other potential hazards.

My plan is to report on the trip on Sunday, March 30 during our worship service. I hope it is an exciting time for us all to celebrate God’s faithfulness and grace. I want to encourage you to be here for the two Sundays I am away, March 16 & 23. It is good for our church to hear preaching from God’s Word from multiple voices. Thank you in advance for your prayers and I look forward to seeing you this Sunday before I leave.

In Christ,
Pastor Adam