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Micah 6-7

By December 20, 2013Church News

Dear church,

The themes of Micah are microcosms of the theme of the whole Bible. There is a glorious, holy God who has created and called people, promising to provide every need and fulfill every pure desire of their hearts, but out of pride, these creatures have gone astray of their creator. This straying has led them to judgment and death. Though the circumstances seem bleak, God has given people reason for hope. Out of the abundance of His love and goodness, He has sent His Son, Jesus, to bring people back to Him. Through trusting in the death and resurrection of Jesus and repenting of our sin, we are restored to a right relationship with God. This relationship brings us hope now and guarantees us peace for eternity.

As Micah reveals the sins of his people and foresees their punishment, he continues to point toward future deliverance. It will not be a deliverance that the people will accomplish for themselves, it will be the work of God, an act of His mercy. Micah 6-7 will point us toward this mercy from God once again this Sunday morning. On the final Sunday of Advent, as we prepare for Christmas, we will read of God’s indictment of His people, but His promise and faithfulness to save them. Like the Christmas story itself, we will talk about the need for a Savior we cannot provide and the promise of One who is to come. I hope you will be a part of the celebration.

A few reminders for the coming weeks:

1. We are excited to announce that our Christmas Eve Service will be held in partnership with Iglesia Nueva Vida. Nueva Vida is a partner church that shares space in our facility on a weekly basis. Our service will be a joyful celebration, featuring the classic elements of Scripture readings, hymns, and candlelight carols accessible to speakers of English and Spanish. Please join us at 11:00pm for this special service.
2. This Sunday and next, December 22 & 29, we will take a break from all Sunday morning education classes (this includes adults, youth, and children). Our service will begin at the usual time: 10:30am.
3. On Sunday, the 29th, I will preach a stand-alone message on the topic of work from 1 Corinthians 10:31. I have been praying that it would be helpful to many of us.

Merry Christmas,
Pastor Adam

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