Fall 2017 Pathway Class

By September 8, 2017Church News

The Bridge: Timeless Truths for Our Time” – Coming off of a summer studying Everyday Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timms, we hope to build momentum as we bridge the gap between what it looks like to be a gospel centered community and to consider how we as individuals live that out. There are many metaphors that are used throughout scripture. Have you ever thought what it means to be a child of God? Why does Jesus always talk about the Kingdom of Heaven? These questions and more will be explored in our class. Join us Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. as we explore these Timeless Truths for Our Time.

Sept. 10 Reformation 500 and the Church today
Sept. 17 The Gospel and YOUR Great Commission
Sept. 24 The State of the Unsaved
Oct. 1 Pictures of Salvation
Oct. 8 The Kingdom of God Part 1
Oct. 15 The Kingdom of God Part 2
Oct. 22 The “One Another’s” of NT
Oct. 29 Pauline Portraits of Identity
Nov. 5 Pauline Pictures of Christian Responsibility
Nov. 12 Non-Pauline Metaphors
Nov. 19 The Bridge
Tim Schieck

Tim Schieck

Tim serves Our Saviour as a Pastoral Assistant, and focuses on our students in 6th-12th grade. Tim loves to dig deep into God’s Word and see it transform people. He has a passion to keep the gospel the center of our youth ministry. When Tim is not going on long walks on the beach he can be found playing golf.

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